How do I finance my studies?

Possible funding options include:

LMB Funding

  • MRC Studentship (full & fees-only for EU)
  • LMB Cambridge Scholarship
  • MRC Clinical Research Training Fellowship
  • MRC Capacity Building Studentship
  • César Milstein Studentship

Cambridge University Funding

  • Trinity College Research Studentship
  • Churchill College Research Studentship
  • Commonwealth Trust Nehru Scholarship (Cambridge Trust)
  • Woolf Fisher Trust Scholarship (Cambridge Trust)
  • Gates Foundation (Cambridge Trust)
  • Dorothy Hodgkin Award
  • MB/PhD studentship
  • NIH Cambridge Scholarship (USA)
  • Herchel Smith Award

External Funding

  • National Science Foundation (USA)
  • Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds
  • Marshall Scholarship (USA)
  • Spanish Ministry of Science
  • Austrian Academy of Sciences
  • DAAD (Germany)
  • Various Danish funding sources (inc. Fuhrmann Foundation, Julie von Mullens Fond, Oticon Fonden)
  • DSTA Scholarship (Singapore)
  • Nakajima Foundation (Japan)

Plus various LMB supervisor grant funds.

Keep in mind that many of these fellowships are only available to students that meet certain criteria - check their requirements before applying. Also, for more information, see the FAQs!