What the students say:

Q: What is the best thing about doing your PhD at the LMB?

"… the independence & high level of responsibility you can have as a student."
"… not having to worry about money for your project but just doing whichever experiment you want to do. (If your experiments fail, 'money' is not an answer)."
"… the great social events organised by the GSA."
"… the mailing list!! You urgently need anything? - Send a quick e-mail to everyone in the building and you'll get help within minutes."
"… the PhD salary is significantly better than at other places."
"… the vibrant international student community at the LMB."
"… the post docs at the LMB are supurb and you will benefit from their expertise."
"… Overcoming new challenges every day, always with the hope to make a new discovery."
"… the morning, lunch and afternoon coffee breaks at the canteen (with the famous cheese scones!), which promote the interaction between research groups and scientists."
"… that all instruments you possibly need are present and availalbe at the LMB."
"… the size of the institute and the groups itself - it's big enough to find experts on every biological field but small enough not to drown in anonymity."
"… The institute is very well organised and established and this there are almost no obstacles that might prevent you from doing and research you possibly want to do."
"… accessibility of very senior scientists and world famous people, including Nobel Prize winners with whom you might just go for a coffee or lunch. "
"… It gives you this very special feeling when you think that the work for so many Nobel Prizes has been carried out in this very same building."
"… the shared facilities promote interaction between the scientists."
"… wide range of seminars and talk held by the best scientists form all over the world."
"… the supervision is excellent, not only because you will have 2 supervisors!"
"… you don't need to make buffers, media or plates - the media kitchen will do it for you!"