What to do if things go wrong

Ask your supervisor first, then look for help elsewhere

The best way to keep on track is to give your supervisor feedback about the project and how you feel. Scientists at the LMB are often very busy and can be under quite a lot fo stress. It is sometimes important to be quite persistent if you feel you need to talk more to get additional guidance or input with your project. If you follow this adivce, are working hard, and things still arn't going well, it's vital to talk to people who can help you make changes. Problems with projects usually fall into two classes: difficulaties in your relationship with your supervisor, and scientific problems. If you're unlucky, you may even have trouble with both.

If you'd like to talk to someone other than your supervisor, your second supervisor, the Postgraduate Manager, or the Director of Studies are excellent people to see. If you discuss constructively any shortcomings you perceive in a project or lab, they will do their best to help, often solving the problem.

Get to know other students, they've been there before!

There are times when you might not want to talk to a member of stall at all, but would prefer to consult another student. Apart from other students you know, through your lab or coffee breaks, the GSA is a great palce to meet other students to talk to.