Wes Robertson

Wes joins the LMB as a new postdoctoral scientist in the laboratory of Prof. Jason Chin, where he plans to generate recoded genomes of E. coli with the potential to harbor significantly expanded genetic codes. Wes carried out his PhD research at Yale University in the laboratory of Prof. Alanna Schepartz, where as a synthetic biologist he investigated the potential of the translational machinery from E. coli to incorporate backbone-modified unnatural amino acids.

New Students

Daniel Dunkelmann and Louise Funke have joined the Chin lab to carry out their PhD studies.

Louise joins the Chin lab for her PhD and will work on genome engineering, switching topic after having worked on finding new orthogonal tRNAs in her Master’s thesis in the Chin lab. Louise previously studied Biochemistry at the Technical University Munich and did her Bachelor’s thesis in the Hartl lab at the MPI Biochemistry in Munich.

Daniel has joined Jason Chin’s lab where he will work in the field of genetic code expansion. During his masters degree, which he obtained from ETH Zurich, he carried out research projects in the labs of Prof. Bradley Pentelute, Prof. Hiroaki Suga and Prof. Donald Hilvert.

Shan Tang

Shan received an EMBO fellowship to work in the Chin Lab on 1st Jan 17!


The Chin Lab have recently welcomed Daniel and Daniele onto the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology PhD Programme. You can find out more about the MRC’s International PhD Programme here


Yonka Christova has joined the Chin Lab! She completed her PhD at the University of Sofia, and after spending sometime there as Senior Assistant Professor she moved to the UK, first to the Babraham Institute, and then onto the University of Cambridge before coming to the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology.

Sam Kim

Samuel joins Jason Chin’s group to do an Mphil, funded by a Gates Scholarship. Whilst here, his project will be Synthetic epigenetics and studying

Benjami Oller Salvia

Benjami studied at the University of Barcelona before taking a CCSB post doctoral position in Jason Chin’s lab at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology.

Tiong Sun Chia

Tiong Sun comes all the way from Australia to work in the Chin lab on genome engineering

Zakir Tnimov

Zakir has joined us from the Elsaesser lab at the Karolinska institute in Sweden. He is working on ribosome engineering.