Current members of the group: (add for email addresses)

Amos_Linda Linda Amos, email: laa (homepage)
photo2 copy Danguole Kureisaite-Ciziene, email: dciziene
Bürmann_Frank Frank Bürmann, email: fburmann
Coscia_Francesca Francesca Coscia, email: fcoscia
Deng_Xian Xian Deng, email: xdeng, Boehringer fellowship
van den Ent_Fusinita Fusinita van den Ent, email: fent
Hale_Victoria Vicky Hale, email: vhale
Jean_Nicolas Nicolas Jean, email jean, EMBO fellowship

Lee_Byung-Gil Byung-Gil Lee, email: blee, MRC grant
Löwe_Jan Jan Löwe, email: jyl (homepage)
Nierhaus_Tim Tim Nierhaus, email: tnierhau, Boehringer fellowship
Salzer_Ralf Ralf Salzer, email: rsalzer
Szewczak_Andrzej Andrzej Szewczak, email: andrzejs
Wagstaff_James James Wagstaff, email jwagsta, Boehringer fellowship

                                Crystallisation robotics:

Gorrec_Fabrice Fabrice Gorrec, email: fgorrec

 Most recent group photo (July 2016, in front of FEI Krios II microscope):

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