Group leader



PhD student

PhD student, now a scientist at Oncotest, Germany

PhD student, now a post-doc at Imperial College London

Research officer, now a scientist at Lab21 Cambridge, UK

PhD student, now a post-doc at Imperial College London

PhD student, now a scientist in India

PhD student, now a post-doc at NIH

Part iii student, now a PhD student in Basel

Felix is originally form Germany. He obtained his PhD from Humboldt University Berlin before  moving to Boston where he was a post-doc with Brian Seed at Harvard Medical School. In 2003, Felix became Group Leader at LMB.

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Rupert is a Clinical Lecturer in Nephrology who has returned to the LMB after five years in hospital medicine. His doctoral research was with Michael Neuberger, studying the APOBEC/AID family of deaminases.  He is interested in cellular responses to exogenous nucleic acids.

I am originally from Hungary, but by now (more or less) German after growing up in Bavaria. I did my undergraduate degree in Erlangen in Molecular Medicine. Being interested in infectious diseases, I came to Cambridge for my PhD on Influenza virus and have now joined the Randow lab to work on cytosolic immunity. I am excited about geeky electric gadgets - unsurprisingly, since the rest of my family are mathematicians :), chocolate - my main dietary component, and sports - especially handball and fencing.


Maryia is from Belarus, where she studied  genetics in Minsk. She later obtained a BSc in Molecular Biology from the University of Edinburgh before joining our lab to investigate antibacterial autophagy.


Keith obtained a PhD from the Department of Clinical Biochemistry, University of Cambridge. He followed this with a post-doc in Phill Hawkins / Len Stephens laboratory at the Babraham Institute working on PI3-kinases in neutrophils and now continues to follow his interests in cell signalling and innate immunity.


PhD student

I am a microbiologist and have joined the Randow lab to study cytoplasmic defense mechanisms against bacterial pathogens. I am Polish and did my MSc at the University of Warsaw. Before joining the LMB, I did internships at the Universities of Utrecht, Groningen and at the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research. I like exploring new places around the world, watching a good movie or reading an enjoyable book and relaxing through sport, especially football and skiing.


MB/PhD student

I recently completed my undergraduate degree here in Cambridge, and being interested in innate immunity came to the lab to undertake a PhD investigating how cells defend their cytosol.  Currently I am looking at how these mechanisms are linked to the process of autophagy and its related machinery. Outside of the lab I enjoy kayaking (and by extension getting in the way of punting) and messing around with computers.


Alexander is from Germany. He obtained his PhD from the University of Freiburg, where he worked on MxA, an antiviral GTPase that famously restricts influenza and some other viruses. Alexander is now looking into the role of E3 ubiquitin ligases in cytosolic defence against invading pathogens.


PhD student

I obtained a BSc in Biology from the University of Bath, where I developed my interest in molecular biology, immunity and microbiology. After graduating, I worked for a year as a Research Assistant in a biotech company and have now joined the Randow Lab to study cell-autonomous immunity in the cytosol. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, running and visiting friends around the country!

PhD student

I graduated from Cambridge with a degree in Natural Sciences, specializing in immunology and virology. I am really excited to have joined the Randow Group as a PhD student investigating the fascinating field of cell autonomous immunity and autophagy. Outside of the lab, I enjoy playing the organ, piano, clarinet and saxophone, directing choirs, and ballet and tap dancing.

Master student

Milena is a student at the Ecole Normale Superieure de Paris (ENS Paris). She joined us to complete an internship, as part of her ENS Diploma. Milena aims to develop a method for the labelling of bacteria inside the mammalian cytosol. Outside the lab, she is a board member and co-founder of an NGO back in her home Montenegro. When the two allow it, Milena enjoys dancing, cooking and learning foreign languages.