Our people

Liyi Dong

PhD student

Liyi studied Biology at China Agricultural University and did a BSc at Purdue University, where she worked with Michael Rossmann. Liyi joined our group as a PhD student in November 2017. She works on further automation of the single-particle pipeline in RELION.

Takanori Nakane


Takanori studied as an M.D. at Kyoto University, where he also obtained his PhD in Medicine. In 2014 he also obtained an M.Phil in Computational Biology from the University of Cambridge. Takanori joined our group as a postdoc in October 2017. He works on the problem of continuous flexibility in single-particle analysis.

Jasenko Zivanov


Jasenko studied Computer Science at the University of Basel, where he also obtained his PhD (on the reconstruction of complex 3D shapes from scanning electron microscopy images). Jasenko joined our group as a postdoc in March 2017. He works on the reconstruction of tomographic data.

Wenjuan Zhang


Wenjuan studied Biological Sciences and Chemistry at Central China Normal University and did a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at University of Science and Technology of China. Before joining us in June 2017, Wenjuan did a postdoc in Cara Vaughan's group at Birkbeck College, London on centrosome binding proteins in yeast. Wenjuan works on the structural characterisation of tau filaments.

Shaoda He

PhD student

Shaoda studied Biology at Peking University, where he also participated in a programme organized by the Electronic Engineering and Computer Science Department. Shaoda joined our group in October 2014. He works on the processing of helical assemblies in RELION.

Sjors Scheres

Group leader

Sjors studied chemistry at Utrecht University, The Netherlands, where he also obtained his PhD in protein crystallography. He was a post-doc in the group of Jose-Maria Carazo in Madrid, before he started his group at the LMB in 2010. His main interest is currently in the development of new methods for high-resolution cryo-EM structure determination.

Previous members

Thomas Martin


Thomas studied Physics at the Technical University of Munich, where he also obtained his PhD. Thomas joined our group in March 2014. Thomas developed 3D DNA-origami objects as scaffolds for proteins on cryo-EM grids. He also investigated the use of graphene oxide as experimental support. Thomas went on to become the CEO of his own company, which provides Wifi tests in hotels.

Anthony Fitzpatrick


Anthony studied Mathematics at Cambridge University, where he also obtained his PhD in Physics. He did a postdoc as a Marie Curie Outgoing Research Fellow in the Zewail group at CalTech. Anthony joined our group as a returning postdoc under the same Marie Curie fellowship in March 2015. He wanted to learn single-particle analysis during a two-year stay at LMB. He solved the structures of a bacetrial efflux pump and of tau filaments from the brain of an individual with Alzheimer's disease. He went on to become an Assistant Professor at Columbia University.

Xiao-chen Bai


Xiao-chen was a postdoc with us from March 2012 until March 2017. He studied Mechanical engineering at Tsinghua University, Bejing, China, where he also obtained his PhD in Biophysics. In our group, Xiaochen was involved in many methods development that drove the early stages of the 'resolution revolution' in cryo-EM, and he solved multiple structures, including ribosomes, the ryanodine receptor, the apoptosome, the spliceosome, and gamma-secretase. He went on to become an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas, Southwestern in Dallas, US

Cornelius Gati


Cornelius was a postdoc with us from November 2015 until December 2016. Coming from a background in free-electron X-ray lasers, he was quickly scooped up as a staff scientist by SLAC when they heard he had mastered cryo-EM single-particle analysis. Cornelius did a structure of a bacterial ion transporter, and will also be remembered for his epic contribution as lead singer of the LMB's own "Yeastie Boys" at the 2016 Christmas Party.

Julian Conrad

PhD student

Julian Conrad was the first PhD in our group! He joined us in September 2012. He worked on the structures of bacterial replication complexes, which we did in collaboration with the Lamers group at LMB. In January 2016, Julian became a support staff scientist at the newly opened cryo-EM facility in Stockholm.

Postdoc positions

We are always interested in bright people that are keen to work with us, especially if they have hands-on experience in cryo-EM or algorithm design. For informal enquiries please contact us directly by e-mail.

PhD-student positions

LMB PhD Programme

Please note that PhD applications can only be made once a year (in the Fall) through the international LMB PhD Programme.