The motors were one of the first items to be obtained. No motors no robot, and at this stage I was still trying to decide whether to have a go at building something or not.

Anyway I decided that I should try and get some wheelchair motors as they seemed to have quite a bit of power. The first local wheelchair supplier I rang said that they had an old wheelchair I could have as it was going in he skip. The cost - £10. What a bargain I thought and went to collect it before they changed there minds. After getting the chair home I discovered that the batteries (two 12 volt 25 Ah dry cells) were still in it and, after testing them with a discharger, were in good order. Two motors and two batteries for a tenner, I couldn't believe my luck.

With hindsight wheelchair motors just don't have the power required for a top heavyweight. All of most powerful robots were running Bosch 750 watt motors and they are on the shopping list for next year.