How we did

The show went out on 22 January 99. We made it through the first round in 4th place, but got stuck on the ramp so it wasn't as good as we would have liked.

In the second round we were in tug of war and came first. We used spikes on the bottom of the blade to dig into the floor of the arena. Matilda didn't have a chance ! The spikes were in the stage by about an inch by the end of the 30 seconds.

We were knocked out in our battle with Ivanhoe. We managed to lift it off the ground with the blade easily but their chassis dug into the stage and we couldn't push it. Killalot was fast approaching so I dropped them and ran. We got caught in the PPZ by a combination of bad driving and radio interference (I know everyone blames that but it was really bad - the studio was under 11,000 volt pylons) and Killalot picked us up and held us in the flames for about 45 seconds (they cut it on the TV) before dumping us in the pit.

Suprisingly there was very little damage apart from some of the thinner wires on the hydraulics controls melting. All of the motor wiring was fine and we could have continued, if we had needed to, with a few minor repairs. The rear blade got hot enough to start to melt (it was aluminium) so we would have had to take it off.

We learnt a lot from the show. The new robot is under construction and will have a lot more power and lifting ability - watch this space.

The BBC have put all of the shows on YouTube - here is our show.

Kill Dozer Show

Robotwars Series 2 Heat J Part 1
Robotwars Series 2 Heat J Part 2 (Gauntlet & Tug of war - The ONLY robot to ever beat Matilda)
Robotwars Series 2 Heat J Part 3 (Battle - Killalot put us in the flames)