Anybody who knows me knows that I am a Mac fanatic (some would say Mac zealot!). Luckily the MRC unit I work for is a very big user of Macintoshes so I get to use them at work and at home. At work I have a Quad Core processor 3Ghz Mac Pro as my main machine. I also have three Mac Pro 3Ghz quad core processor machines as servers and a 24TB RAID array. I also have a PC, but only because I have to - for occasional jobs that require software that will not run on the Mac.

I develop many of the pages on the MRC web site - check out the MRC Home Page. The interactive stuff such as the telephone directory, seminar lists and the personal home page lists are all FileMaker Pro databases with front ends provided by Tango scripts or PHP.

I've also written a couple of Mac programs - Shift Switcher and Boot Blocker. These are quite old now but are still used in a few places. I once had an email from NASA saying they were using BootBlocker - which was nice. In my spare time I have developed a few other web sites for friends such as the Cambridge Dive Centre web site and also their online store which uses php and MySQL.

I have an NTL internet at home and had a lot of problems using there CD so if you want to know how to set up NTL without the CD click here.

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