NTL Settings for your Mac (works with a PC as well)

Please note that this info refers to the free ntl setup and some of the info may have changed for the 1p a minute service. I have included updated info for NTLs broadband registration (at the end) because they still insist on sending out that useless CD.

NTL Dialup

OK, so you've got your free NTL CD, you've followed the instructions and launched the gearbox installer, but for some reason it won't work. This is probably because your Mac is too old, may have the wrong System version or the installer is just not really that good on a Mac. NTL tech support do their best but generally don't know much about Macs and will ring you back (don't bank on this one).

Wouldn't it be nice if they just put the telephone numbers and access details on the CD cover. Well they won't, neither will they tell you the info you need if you want to set it up manually. But I will.

Please note that you MUST have your NTL CD for this to work - don't try and use somebody elses because it won't work. Your CD serial number is tied to your phone number and other details that you will be asked during registration.

First open up your Modem Control Panel and make sure you have the correct modem selected - it should look something like this (I have a Swann MacSurfer).

Next open up your TCP/IP Control panel and type in the numbers listed below. Make sure you select PPP.

Now the important bit. You need to know the username, password and telephone number to get into the NTL registration server. Open up your PPP or Remote Access Control Panel and enter the following.

Once you are connected you need to register your account on the NTL server using the details on your CD. The server can be a bit slow so wait for a while before clicking the refresh button. Messing around during registration can create multiple accounts in your name and make it impossible for the registration process to complete. If this happens Tech Support can be a bit funny about helping you as you are not using their installer (I know this from experience).

Point your web browser at https://autoreg.autoregister.net/cgi/candy to register
Note this is a secure HTTPS server.

Once you have registered on the server you will have a valid username and password - write them down before you come out of the registration pages. You need them for the last step.

Open the PPP or Remote Access Control Panel again and type in your username and password. Note the telephone number is different from the registration server.

You are now ready to use your new NTL account - just click connect and it should work.

Happy surfing.

This infomation is supplied as is and without the endorsement of NTL. It works as far as I know and I have set up several accounts using this information. However if it doesn't work for you then tough luck. NTL might change things in the future.

Useful Settings - ntlworld

ntlworld 1p a minute dial up

* For customers dialling in on an ntl line: 0845 455 0520
* For customers dialling in on a BT line: 1263 0845 455 0520

ntlworld free internet dial up

* For customers dialling in on an ntl line: 0800 519 0100
* For customers dialling in on a BT line: 1263 0800 519 0100

Primary DNS address
Secondary DNS address
Your IP address 'Automatically Assigned' or


* Customer email format: user.name@ntlworld.com
* Outgoing Mail Server address smtp.ntlworld.com
* Outgoing Mail Server type SMTP
* Incoming Mail Server address pop.ntlworld.com
* Incoming Mail Server type POP3


* News Server news.ntlworld.com
* News Server port number 119

webspace - ftp details

* Customer homepage URL format: homepage.ntlworld.com/user.name
* FTP Server upload.ntlworld.com
* User Name = your username
* Password = your password

ntlworld via cablemodem

* E-Mail Format = user.name@ntlworld.com
* POP Server = pop.ntlworld.com
* SMTP Server = smtp.ntlworld.com
* News (NNTP) Server = news.cable.ntlworld.com
* FTP Upload Address = upload.ntlworld.com

NTL Broad Band

Update - this section refers to configurations using the silver usb/ethernet modem that ntl provide. If your setup uses a direct connection to your digital set top box then take a look at the page here, which might help you.


OK, this is really easy so long as you use the ethernet connection on your NTL box (ntl do not support USB on Macs). I would recommend PC users use ethernet as well if they can't get USB to work. Almost every Mac has ethernet built in so it's easy for us, PC users might have to buy a card, but the benefits are that you can buy a router and run multiple machines off your broadband connection (NTL don't support this). I got one of these (Belkin 10/100 4-Port Cable / DSL Gateway Router) which also has a firewall in it, something else that I'd recommend with broadband - especially for PC users - along with some good anti-virus software. I recently assisted a friend who got 84 viruses on his broadband connected PC in 2 weeks !!

OK so how do you do it. First off you need the pin number you got from NTL when you registered - they should have sent you a letter - if you haven't got it grab the engineer when he comes to install the line and get him to ring support, they will normally give him the pin on the phone, otherwise ring support yourself and wait......and wait.

Now go to the TCP/IP control panel and select ethernet as your connection method then select automatic configuration (DHCP).

Your DNS numbers are and

Your router or gateway should be automatic but if not use

That's it your done setting up the connection - works with any System that supports the internet, even System 7, unlike the ntl CD - surely NTL could write this on the back of the CD cover. It's not rocket science.

To register go to https://autoreg.autoregister.net/start.html and follow the instructions - don't forget you need your pin. Once registered the line will be fully enabled (before registration you can only get to the NTL registration address so don't try anything else).

Most of the other details about settings above in the dialup section should work

NTLs broadband is great - I've had it a few months and I'm very happy with it.


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