Vital Statistics

Name: Paul Hart
Age: Over the hill, but still trying to be a teenager.
Family: Wife Sue, two sons, Michael, and Stephen.
Job: IT Manager,
Medical Research Council, Cambridge, UK.
Qualified Apple Engineer
All round adrenalin junkie


Accelerated free fall level 1 @ 12,000 ft - more fun than words can describe !

Quicktime movie of the Skydive here

If jumping out of a perfectly good plane isn't for you then how about off a bridge ? This is the Middlesborough Transporter Bridge and is 160 feet from the jump platform to the water. My wife got this jump for me as a birthday present (she wants the insurance). It didn't last as long as the skydive but probably more of a rush as you are so near the ground.

Quicktime movie of the bungee jump here.

Details of my families run in the 2011 Virgin London Marathon

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