I started diving in October 1996 when I took the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) Open Water Course down in sunny Weymouth (NOT !) with the Cambridge Dive Centre (01223 240818). Visibility was about as bad as it gets, with a force 8 outside of the harbour wall, but I was hooked.
I progressed to the Advanced Open Water course, which I took the following year while on holiday in Jersey. I did the PADI Rescue Diver course at the end of '98 and progressed to PADI DiveMaster in September 99. The DiveMaster course was completed in Wales at the Dorothea lake and in the sea. Dorothea is a very nice dive site with very good viz and not many divers. Part of the course involved mapping part of the lake. Care is required as much of the lake is in the 40+ metres depth range with areas at 60 metres and 110 metres deep and there have been several deaths there recently. In October 2000 I completed the PADI Assistant Instructor Course.

In September 2003 I completed my PADI Open Water Instructor Qualification and then my PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Qualification in 2005 and I now teach for the Cambridge Dive Centre. I'm also an EFR Instructor.



Check out the underwater video camera housing I have made.

I completed my TDI Trimix course in July 2005 so I can now get to wrecks beyond the 40 metre recreational limit, up to a depth of 60 metres. Trimix is a really nice gas, it's very light so is much easier to breath at depth and narcosis can be tuned to your comfort zone, so a 60 metre dive can have an equivalent narcosis depth of 25 metres. The down side is the deco time tends to be longer and and because helium is so light it moves through body tissues much faster and goes in much deeper than nitrogen so it's going to hurt you if you mess your stops up. I did the course with Jack Ingle who is a very experienced technical diver and I really enjoyed the course.

The pictures here were taken with my Sea & Sea Motormarine II on a trip to the Red Sea in 2005. The water here is very clear, with visibility at around 35 - 40 metres and it's about 30 degrees C. I have to say the reefs around Tiran and Ras Mohamed are truly beautiful and some of the best I have ever dived on.

I've also go some shots from a visit to Scapa Flow, some stills from the video and some quicktime movies .

Video from Lanzarote.

Stills and Video from Mexico

Below are a few more shots of me and others at various locations.


Teaching Son Stephen on Discover Scuba

Advanced Nitrox Course

Stoney Cove

Scapa Flow

New Toy Alert

I've been looking to get myself a Trimix computer and finally decided on a VR3 - but didn't know whether to go for the colour screen or not. Everyone with a colour screen said they were great but those without couldn't see the need. Personally I wanted something clear to read underwater so I decided to go for it and splash out on the colour version. One thing I couldn't find on the net was a good picture of the colour VR3 screen - so here is one. Click it for a bigger version.

It appears from reading newsgroups that fitting the strap to the VR3 can be quite difficult as they don't provide instructions. I certainly couldn't do it with them sending me some photos. So if you are having problems then look at the photos they send me on how to fit the strap to a VR3.

I found that having been used to a Cobra all of these years I preferred a console mounted computer, so I made an aluminium plate that fitted where the compass goes on the Cobra, and bolted the VR3 to that. I also made a perspex cover to stop the VR3 getting scratched - it works very well and now I get air, deco info and backup depth and time from my Cobra in gauge mode all in one place. The VR3 is also less llikely to get lost (unless my high pressure hose falls off !). Click the picture below to see some more detailed shots of the bracket and cover.

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