I shoot 0.22 rifle competitively for the Pye Small Bore Club and for Cambridgeshire County teams. Although not politically correct following the Dunblane shooting, we are responsible sportsmen and women, not gun wielding maniacs as the press might have you believe. I did also shoot fullbore and smallbore pistol but the government has decided that we just can't be trusted with those anymore so have taken them away. Of course the planned reduction in gun crime didn't happen (Duh !) and it's been going up steadily every year since.

OK soap box mode off here a few pictures of me shooting.

The rifle above is a 0.22 Anschutz Match 54, being fired at my local 25 yard range. So far we have been allowed to keep shooting these. The pistols got melted down.

The Pye 'A' Team after we won the Cambridgeshire Division 1 league

I also shoot Clays for a local club.

Pistols got banned but these are legal, so I bought one.

Colt M4 semi-auto tactical carbine with 30 round & 10 round mags
Hawke 3-9x50 illuminated mil-dot scope
FAB T-POD tactical foregrip-bipod

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