This page covers some info on my modelling and engineering interests. I've been flying model aircraft for about 15 years and have also recently started to fly (or mostly crash) model helicopters. Another project I just started is a 1/8 scratch built Tiger Tank and I've also built a selection of underwater housings for my video cameras.

Tiger Tank

Underwater Video Housing



Robots (UK Robot Wars)

Big new project - the Tiger Tank.

As a kid I always found tanks facinating and I used to enjoy making plastic models of them. Well they say men never really grow up, their toys just get bigger, and I'd have to agree, so I found myself without a project and decided to build myself a tank - The PzKpfw VI Tiger I. But this would be no ordinary plastic kit, no this would be completely scratch built, all metal and BIG. When I say big a mean big, 1/8 scale - that means it's about a metre long and will weigh about the same as I do. Fully radio controlled including a blank firing main gun it's a major engineering project. The estimated cost is about £1000 and will take me several years to complete - there are a lot of parts to make, including 196 track links that all have to be cast (after I've made the molds). I've dedicated a separate page to the project so take a look how how I'm getting on so far.

The video housings have now gone through four versions and I have lots of video clips as well so I have dedicated a separate section to these as well.

The housings on the left are the latest models and are available to buy if you don't have the facilities to make you own.

Click here for more info.

When I get a chance - which isn't as often as I would like - I also build and fly radio controller model aircraft.

I have a sport aerobatic 'Viper'. It has a wing span of around 5 feet and is powered by a MDS 40 glowplug engine.

Other projects I have underway include a 1:5 scale Pitts Special, which I've been building since before I got the Viper. It'll get finished one day no doubt but it's on the back burner at the moment.

This is what the Pitt's looks like now - although I have started covering the wings

When it's finished it should look like this. This model was on display at the Large Model Association show at Duxford, unfortunately it had a rather bad crash and ended up going home in a carrier bag.

I have recently bought a Kyosho Nexus 30 Helicopter and am discovering just how hard it is to fly these things. It also has a severe effect on your bank balance. Click here to see what a crash can do and to read all about the new model.

In the past I have also been involved in the construction of two robots for the BBC Robot Wars TV show. If you want to see our series II robot, Kill-Dozer, click here. We also built another robot for series III, and series IV called RaiZerBlade.

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