Ulrich Wolfgang Arndt Crystallographic Apparatus 1948-1998

Geiger Counter X-ray powder diffractometer with focusing monochromator.
Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Cambridge 1948.
(W. H. Hall, U. W. Arndt & R. A. Smith: An X-ray Geiger Counter Spectrometer. Proc. Phys. Soc. London A 62, 631, 1949) – First precision powder diffractometer.
1951 5kW Rotating-Anode X-ray tube with adjustable focus (Development of a design by A. Taylor) unpublished.
The use of proportional energy-sensitive counters for X-ray diffraction.
(U. W. Arndt & D. P. Riley: Proc. Phys. Soc. London A 65, 74) First use of X-ray proportional counters.
Gas flow (thin window) X-ray diffraction counter.
(U. W. Arndt, W. A. Coates & A. R. Crathom: Proc. Phys. Soc. B, 67, 357, 1954).
Automatic single-crystal X-ray diffractometer. The linear diffractometer.
(U. W. Arndt & D. C. Phillips, Acta Cryst. 14, 807, 1961). Manufactured under licence by Hilger & Watts Ltd. (First ever automatic diffractometer).
Automatic three- and four-circle X-ray and neutron diffractometers, with punched-paper tape input and output. X-ray version manufactured by Hilger & Watts Ltd.
(U. W. Arndt & B. T. M. Willis: Single-crystal diffractometry. C.U.P. 1966).
Automatic microdensitometry of single-crystal diffraction photographs.
(U. W. Arndt, R. A. Crowther & J. F. W. Mallett: A computer-linked cathode ray tube microdensitometer. J. Sci. Instrum. Ser 2 1, 510, 1968; U. W. Arndt, J. Barrington Leigh, J. F. W. Mallett & K. E. Twinn: A mechanical microdensitometer. J. Sci. Instrum. Ser 2. 2, 385, 1969).
Development of screenless X-ray oscillation photography made possible by the use of computer-controlled microdensitometers:
(U. W. Arndt: The optimum strategy in measuring structure factors. Acta Cryst. B 24, 1355, 1968; U. W. Arndt, J. M. Champness, R. P. Phizackerley & A. J. Wonacott: A single crystal oscillation camera for large unit cells. J. Appl. Cryst. 6, 457, 1973).
(Camera manufactured under licence by Enraf-Nonius BV)
U. W. Arndt & A. J. Wonacott Eds. The Rotation (Method in Crystallography. North Holland-Elsevier 1977).
Development of television area detectors for X-rays and neutrons.
(U. W. Arndt: X-ray television area detectors. Nucl. Instrum. & Meth. 201, 13, 1982.)
U. W. Arndt & D. J. Thomas high-speed single crystal television X-ray diffractometer ibid p.21. Commercial version of diffractometer manufactured under licence by Enraf-Nonius BV and marketed as ‘FAST diffractometer’.
Several other papers on the performance and use of Area Detectors in Crystallography.
Development of a microfocus X-ray tube for use with focusing collimators.
X-ray tube designed in conjunction with P. Duncumb & J. V. P. Long (J. Appl. Cryst. in Press).
Focusing mirrors in collaboration with P. Duncumb, J. V. P. Long, L. Pina & Ladislav Inneman (J. Appl. Cryst. in press).
“Microsource” manufactured and sold under licence by Bede Scientific Instruments Ltd.