120 L fermentor: Overview

Our setup provides facilities for:

- growing safety level 1 organisms in volumes between 40-120 L
- in-place sterilisation of media
- loops/sensors for DO (dissolved oxygen), OD600, temp, agitation, pH
- harvesting using continuous centrifuge (120 L in 1 h)
- cell disruption using French press at pressures up to 40 kPSI, 170 ml/min
- type 19 rotors for clarification of 2 L at 19.000 rpm

Before using this equipment (excluding the disruptor, which is free to anyone) you must see Jo Butler (x2296, email pjgb) to enable card access to the basement fermentor room.

Due to the complex nature of the equipment and some safety concerns, it is mandatory that the first run is supervised by an experienced user.


New Brunswick Scientific BioFlo Pro 150 L (nominal) fermentor, CEREX OD sensor, JABSCO PureFlo 21 pump

CEPA ZX-61 centrifuge (supplied by NBSC)

Constant Systems Z PLus 2.2 kW (HAIFA inlet modification)
JL 6/2005