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We work on the structure and mechanism of the motor protein dynein using a combination of X-ray crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy and advanced single molecule techniques.

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Model of the structure of cytoplasmic dynein (grey) bound to dynactin (multicolor) via the Golgi vesicle cargo adaptor BICD2 (orange)

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Dynactin is built round an "actin-like" filament (red), capped at one end by the pointed end complex (yellow/brown) and at the other by the actin capping protein CapZαβ (green). The filament is decorated by a shoulder (blue) from which emerges a long projection (purple) corresponding to the protein p150Glued.

The structure of dynactin was determined to high resolution by cryo-electron microscopy. Examples of the density map and the model we built are shown in the background.

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Congratulations to Linas,Kai and Aristides on their paper in Science on the structure of dynactin and its binding to dynein LMB News

February 2015

Congratulations to Helgo and Ruta on their paper in Nature on the dynein powerstroke LMB News

December 2014

Congratulations to Max and Thi (from Simon Bullock's lab) publish their paper on human dynein LMB News

July 2014

Andrew is honored to receive a Wellcome Trust New Investigator Award.

February 2013

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