Ian Dodwell's entry
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Ian Dodwell
Cambridge Regional College

Title : The evolution of the brain

Category : Getting on your Nerves

ID: “My piece shows a timeline along the bottom portraying the well-known evolution of man image with each generation's general thoughts on life eg the ape would be thinking of basic survival whilst later generations like the caveman would be thinking of hunting and supporting his tribe; as we know with modern humans things become a lot more complex. The two brains above the timeline represent the outcome of mind-sets in today's society; the multi-coloured brain represents the positive side of man such as freedom of speech, improved mind-set and all of the other positive things society has allowed man to show through expression and emotion. The red brain, on the other hand, gives off a strong political symbol and represents all the dangers humans have allowed into civilisation such as violence, social conformity and restrictions on humanity.”

Judges comments: “This is a strong, very funny image. It is a little off-topic.”