Francesca D'Uva's entry
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Francesca D’Uva
Netherhall Sixth Form College

Title : Symbolism of Autism

Category : Autism

FD: “A three piece collage conveying different elements of autism. The backgrounds gradually get darker to illustrate the increase in autism spectrum and all three canvases combined spell the word "Autism". Canvas 1: The small puppets represent relationships, communication and personal childhood belongings. The pearl beads also symbolise the autism logo shape. Canvas 2: On the second canvas the image is of a protein showing how proteins are encoded by autism associated genes. This was created by using acrylic paint and glitter. Canvas 3: Finally the third canvas represents DNA and the link it has to autism. In addition the numbers illustrate the way in which some autistic people have extraordinary talents. ”

Judges comments: “A beautiful, well-executed piece.
I like the idea of building blocks, not sure what the shape adds to understanding.”