Lauren Chor Yiu Lau's entry
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Lauren Chor Yiu Lau
Netherhall Sixth Form College

Title : The Dandelion

Category : Autism

LL: “This idea originally came from the shape and similarity of microbes on an electron microscope. The dandelion idea developed to a new concept of 'The Dandelion Model.' Everybody is different, they respond differently to different things. But someone with autism could also respond differently if they were to hold a dandelion. Dandelion spreads their seeds without a choice. We cannot direct the seeds to where they go. People with autism shows oppositely by their behaviour of perception, which shows their organization. Their memory, intelligence and attention reflect the Dandelion.”

Judges comments: “An well considered response to the subject, thoroughly researched and studied.
Full of imagination and colour.
Pretty and technically quite good; the science may have been somewhat lost.”