Here are the current members of the lab. For lab alumni, follow this link


Principal Investigator: Bill Schafer

I am currently writing papers, messing around in the lab, and thinking about new plans. If you have any questions about the lab, send me an email!
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Research scientist/lab manager: Denise Walker

Denise is working on mechanosensation, as well as keeping the lab running.
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Postdoc: Robyn Branicky
Robyn is studying how the egg-laying circuit generates behaviour. She is using genetics, calcium imaging, and pharmacology to understand the roles of particular neurons and neurotransmitters in the function of this motor circuit.

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Postdoc: Ithai Rabinowitch
Ithai is studying cross-modal behavioural plasticity. He is also working new approaches for imaging neural activity during behaviour.

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Postdoc: Yoshinori Tanizawa
Yoshinori is interested in the effects of monoamines on behavioural states.

email: Yoshinori


Postdoc:Andre Brown
Andre is studying mechanosensory neurons and their contributions to behaviour.

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Graduate Student: Marina Ezcurra
Marina is interested in nociception, and how sensation and adaptation to noxious stimuli are affected by neuropeptides and other modulators.

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Graduate Student: Ev Yemini
Ev is working on a new tracking system for quantitative analysis of worm behaviour.
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Graduate Student: Marios Chatzigeorgiou
Marios is working on how mechanosensory neurons sense touch.

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Graduate Student: Victoria Butler
Victoria is studying monoamines and behaviour.
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Graduate student: Tadas Jucikas
Tadas has just joined the lab to work on the quantitative analysis of worm behaviour.
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Research technician: Laura Grundy
Laura is collecting and analysing behavioural data on worm mutants
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First International Neurobiology Worm Meeting bonding at the Essen house
in Madison, WI 2006

Lab Picnic Photos 2004

Lab Picnic Photos 2006!

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