Welcome to the Kill-Dozer Home Page

Welcome to the Kill-Dozer Home Page. Kill-Dozer is the name of the robot we are entering in the second series of the BBCs Robot Wars TV show. We have also built a robot for series three called RaizerBlade.

Kill-Dozer Spec
Length 1500 mm
Width 700 mm
Height 300 mm
Weight 79.3 kg (79.4 is the limit)
Top Speed 4 - 5 mph
Weapons Spiked blades front and rear. Hydraulics provide lift.
Motors 2 x 24 volt wheelchair motors
Batteries 2 x 12 volt, 25 Ah dry cell
Drive Independent drive of rear wheels via motorcycle chain.

The Team

The Design



(Unfortunately most Robot Wars pages have now disappeared - mine will be here for as long as I can keep them up)

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