Scapa Flow Movies

These are movies taken with my homemade Mk II housing at Scapa Flow - viz was not brilliant, except on the James Barrie and they are all taken without any video lights (I haven't made those yet). Most are 20 metres plus deep with the James Barrie being in 42 metres (a new record for the houing). The JB is not part of the wreck fleet but is still a very nice dive because it gets washed clean by the tide twice a day and has great viz.

All movies are Apple Quicktime if you don't have it click the link and download it.

Top of the Jamies Barrie (very clear
for 42M without a light)
Inside and stern of the James Barrie
Deck Gun of the Brummer Light Cruiser
Cliff & Gwyneth on the S54 and what we thought was a machine gun (but it wasn't!)
Keith and Dave on the James Barrie
Lobster Pot
Me on the Kron Prinz Willhelm (a huge battleship)
Decent onto the S54
S54 Wreckage
Graham deploying his SMB

Take a look at my Scapa photos and video stills as well.

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