Single Particle Analysis

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The fastest way to learn RELION

Our single-particle analysis tutorial (see link on the main page of this Wiki) provides a quick introduction to the use of RELION for cryo-EM structure determination. This tutorial covers the entire single-particle analysis workflow: beam-induced motion-correction, CTF estimation; automated particle picking; particle extraction; 2D class averaging; initial model generation; 3D classification; high-resolution 3D refinement; the processing of movies from direct-electron detectors; and final map sharpening and local-resolution estimation. Carefully going through this tutorial should take less than a day (if you have a suitable GPU or if you follow our precalculated results). After that, you should be able to run RELION on your own data.

A general overview of our data processing strategy is also given in a recent review in Methods in Enzymology, the original draft of which can be downloaded from here.

If you have any questions about RELION, first check the FAQs and the archives of the CCPEM mailing list. If that doesn’t help, subscribe to the CCPEM email list and use the email address for asking your question. Please, please, please, do not send a direct email to Sjors, as he can no longer respond to all of those.