MRC-LMB Crystallisation facility: Automated protocols

More details can be found in the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE): Automated Protocols for Macromolecular Crystallization at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Tecan EVO platform: preparing initial screens (Falcon tubes into MRC plates)

Main protocol for Tecan EVO fully automated system (System 1) integrating Sealer (Brandel) and ink-jet printer (Markem Imaje).

Setting drops (adding protein to plates)

Requirements for the main programs on the MOSQUITO (TTP Labtech).

Two main protocols for additive screening.

Main protocol for Hamilton LABSTAR fully automated system (System 2) (Hamilton Robotics) integrating MOSQUITO and sealer.

Preparing optimisation screens (4-corner protocol)

Main protocol on the DRAGONFLY (TTP Labtech).

Manual for GENESIS (Tecan, all formats of plates including non-SBS)

MINSTREL imager (Rigaku) in cold room 1S230 (4 degrees C)

Please contact a responsive for Robotics when using the Imager and the corresponding web-based interface CrystalTrack Web for the first time.


Fabrice Gorrec, room 2N155, (+44 1223 26) 7807,


Jan Löwe, room 2N159, (+44 1223 26) 7064,

Olga Perisic, lab 2S069, (+44 1223 26) 7893,

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