ANTH structure
AP180 N-Terminal Homology domain
The AP180 family from yeast to man has a conserved N-terminal domain we crystallised and for the first time showed that this domain is a PtdIns(4,5)P2 binding domain. There is greater than 50% amino acid identity in this domain between rat, C-elegans (UNC-11) and Drosophila (LAP).
AP180 homologues have ANTH domains followed by motif domains that contain DxF, NPF and clathrin-binding motifs
We solved the structure of AP180-2/CALM ANTH domain. The structure is a solenoid of 9 helices. The PtdIns(4,5)P2 binding residues are spread over several helices and has the conserved sequence Kx9Kx(K/R)(H/Y). An ANTH domain is also found in HIP1 and HIP1R and the PtdIns(4,5)P2 binding sequence is conserved.
Structure of CALM ANTH domain bound to PIP2 lipid headgroup
CALM ANTH domain and GGA VHS domain superposition
AP180 and LAP ANTH domain ssuperpositions
see Epsin ENTH structure