Amphiphysin and arfaptin BAR domains

This material is supplemental to Peter et al., "BAR Domains as Sensors of Membrane Curvature: The Amphiphysin BAR Structure" Science Express Nov 26 (abstract); print version Jan 23, 2004.

Fig. S5. Overlay of arfaptin and amphiphysin structures
(A) Ribbon representation of the
arfaptin C-terminus (in pink and yellow; PDB ID: 1I4D) superimposed on Drosophila amphiphysin BAR (in purple and green; PDB ID: 1URU). The residues of arfaptin that were mutated are shown. (B) Electrostatic surface of arfaptin, as in Figure 1B,D. (C,D) As in (A,B) except the concave surface is shown.

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Crystal structurees of BAR domains from human arfaptin2 and Drosophila amphphysin

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