BAR domains and curvature sensing: supplemental data

This material is supplemental to Peter et al., "BAR Domains as Sensors of Membrane Curvature: The Amphiphysin BAR Structure " Science Express Nov 26 (abstract); print version Jan 23, 2004. Please click on one of the pictures or links below to view the corresponding data.

Supplemental figures

Fig S1: Example of equilibruim ultracentifugation

BAR domains are in a monomer dimer equilibrium in solution

Fig S2: Folding of an amphipathic helix
Folding of N-terminal amphipathic helix as assessed by CD-spectroscopy
Fig S5: Structural overlay of amphiphysin and arfaptin BAR domains

Arfaptin and amphiphysin have BAR domains that show a very similar membrane curvature preference

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