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Exploring the brain through art: for 2012 projects see links below

Science Inspiring Art - Art Communicating Science
The Art of Mortality

Entries can be in any artistic form, click here for entry

Last date for 2012 entry: Mon 23 July

For more information please Email Yvonne Vallis or phone 01223 402043

Schools Talks We offer a range of talks for schools on a variety of topics. The talks are designed to be cross-curricular, thought-provoking and wide-ranging. We can tailor the presentation for the appropriate year group and time available, but students will benefit from a discussion session following the talks.

Topics offered are:

    The Moral Brain – how we make decisions with a moral component
    Movements in Art and the Modularity of Vision – how artists have exploited the way the brain processes visual information
    What it Takes to Be Human – what is it that makes a human being?
    The Changing Brain – how do our brains change with life events and how can we shape our own individuality Diversity and Disorder – with special reference to the human genome project, where does the boundary lie between human diversity and disorder. Who makes that decision?

    The Plague: Methods of a Mass Murderer - The biochemical secrets of the worlds most successful pathogen

    Neurodegeneration: The Silent Killer – what causes neurodegeneration? What possible therapies are being explored?
And talks on this year’s topics:

Thanks to the amazing visual aids team at MRC-LMB..... and conceptual design work of Paul Margiotta

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