ProSMART - Comparative Structural Analysis and External Restraint Generation

ProSMART (Procrustes Structural Matching Alignment and Restraints Tool) is designed for the conformation-independent comparison of protein structures, and the generation of external restraints derived from reference structures for use during the refinement of macromolecular models.

Please cite the following article in any publication arising from the use of ProSMART:

R.A. Nicholls, M. Fischer, S. McNicholas and G.N. Murshudov (2014) Conformation-Independent Structural Comparison of Macromolecules with ProSMART. Acta Cryst. D70, 2487-2499.

Download ProSMART ProSMART is distributed as part of the CCP4 suite.

Installation and usage instructions. (open in new tab - allows documentation page to be saved)

ProSMART Tutorial

Part 1 - restraining a low-resolution structure using a homologous higher-resolution reference model.
Part 2 - analysis of structural changes that occur during refinement (and differences between homologues).
Part 3 - hydrogen bond type secondary structure restraints (for when there's no good homologous model).

Other Resources

Download HTML files to generate ProSMART colour legends