MRC-LMB Crystallisation facility: instrument manuals

Tecan EVO platform: preparing initial screens (Falcon tubes into MRC plates)

Manual for Tecan EVO fully automated system integrating Sealer (Brandel) and ink-jet printer (Markem Imaje).

Setting drops (adding protein to plates)

Manual for SCREENMAKER 96+8 (Innovadyne/Gilson).

Protocols for MOSQUITO (TTP Labtech).

Manual for Hamilton LABSTAR automated system (Hamilton Robotics) integrating MOSQUITO and sealer.

Preparing optimisation screens (4-corner protocol)

Manual for DRAGONFLY (TTP Labtech).

Manual for GENESIS (Tecan, all formats of plates including non-SBS)

Cold room mager

MINSTREL imager (Rigaku), Room 1S230 (4 degrees C).


Fabrice Gorrec, room 2N155, (+44 1223 26) 7807,


Jan Löwe, room 2N159, (+44 1223 26) 7064,

Olga Perisic, lab 2S069, (+44 1223 26) 7893,

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Last Updated 2/12/15