ProSHADE - Protein Shape Description and Symmetry Detection

ProSHADE (Proitein SHApe DEscription and symmetry detection) is a library and an associated tool providing functionalities for working with structural biology molecular structures. The library implements functions for computing shape-wise structural distances between pairs of molecules, detecting symmetry over the centre of mass of a single structure, map re-sizing as well as matching density maps and PDB coordinate files into one another.

ProSHADE is avaialbe as a Linux/Mac executable, a C++ language library or as a Python language module.

Download ProSHADE

Only Linux and Mac installation is supported at the moment.


Installation and usage instructions, as well as some examples.

ProSHADE Tutorial
(download standalone tutorial)

Part 1 - Map Re-reboxing.
Part 2 - Shape-distance computation.
Part 3 - Symmetry detection.
Part 4 - Structure overlay.


More information related to ProSHADE.

Contact Michal Tykac for more information.