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Phil Holliger - PI
PhD, ETH Zürich & MRC Centre for Protein Engineering (CPE)
Postdoc, MRC CPE
Sebastian Arangundy-Franklin - postdoc (Blue Skies Fund)
PhD, University of Cambridge
MSc, Rutgers University

Research: XNA synthesis and evolution

James Attwater - investigator scientist
Postdoc, MRC LMB
PhD, University of Cambridge

Research: RNA evolution, triplets

Gillian Houlihan - postdoc
PhD, University of Cambridge
BSc, University College Dublin

Research: XNA synthesis and reverse transcription

Karen Duffy - PhD student, Churchill College (Gates scholarship)
MEng, Cornell University

Research: XNA synthesis

Edoardo Gianni - PhD student, Woolfson College (MRC studentship)

Research: RNA evolution

Christopher Wan – PhD student, Magdalene College (Herchel Smith Research Studentship)
BSc, University of Cambridge

Research: RNA evolution

Isaac Gallego - postdoc (H2020 Marie Curie fellowship)
Postdoc, Georgia Institute of Technology
PhD, Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)

Research: RNA structure and replication

Benjamin Porebski - postdoc (Blue Skies Fund)
PhD, Monash University
BSc, Monash University

Research: Screening technologies

Nithya Subramanian - postdoc (Blue Skies Fund)
PhD, Deakin University
MSc, University of Madras

Research: XNA aptamers

Wei Liu - postdoc (BBSRC)
PhD, University of Edinburgh

Research: XNA guides

Emil Kristoffersen - postdoc (Carlsberg Foundation)
PhD, Aarhus University
BSc, Aarhus University

Research: circRNA

Alex Taylor - investigator scientist
Postdoc, MRC LMB
PhD, King’s College London

Research: XNA evolution



  Now: At:
Farid J. Ghadessy, postdoc Group leader A* Star Biomedical Sciences Institutes, Singapore
Jennifer L. Ong, PhD Group leader New England Biolabs, USA
Marc d’ Abbadie, PhD Investor Director SPARK Ventures, UK
Nicola Ramsay, postdoc Group leader Agenus, UK
Zoryana Oliynyk, postdoc Research Scientist Domantis / GSK, UK
Ann-Sophie Jemth, postdoc Research Associate Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Graeme Boocock, postdoc IP Associate Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Canada
Claudia Baar, postdoc Research Scientist Isogenica, UK
David Loakes, Research officer Retired  
Alan Coulson, postdoc Retired  
Aniela Wochner, postdoc Group leader CuraGen, Germany
Vitor B. Pinheiro, Investigator
Assistant professor University of Leuven, Belgium
Chris Cozens, postdoc Postdoc University College London, UK
Shunsuke Tagami, postdoc Group leader RIKEN, Japan
Hannes Mutchler, postdoc Group leader Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried, Germany
Lukas Stadler, postdoc Postdoc University of Cambridge, Institute of Metabolic Science, UK
Falk Wachowius, postdoc Postdoc University of Groningen (S. Otto group), the Netherlands