Curriculum Vitae

Richard Henderson

1949-51 Tweedmouth West County First School
1951-56 Newcastleton Primary School
1956-61 Hawick High School
1961-62 Boroughmuir Secondary School, Edinburgh
1962-66         B.Sc. Hons (Physics, 1st Class), Edinburgh University
1966-69 Ph.D. Cambridge University (at MRC Lab of Mol. Biol.)
1969-70   Research Staff, MRC Lab of Mol. Biol., Cambridge
1970-73      Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale University
1973-      MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge
Research Staff
Senior Research Staff
Special Appointments Grade Research Staff
Joint Head of Division of Structural Studies
Deputy Director
Member of Scientific Staff
Group Leader/Emeritus scientist
1963-65      Isaac Newton Undergraduate Scholarship, Edinburgh
1965-66      Neil Arnott Scholarship in Experimental Physics Undergraduate
1966-69      MRC Scholarship for training in research methods
1970-73      Helen Hay Whitney Postdoctoral Fellowship
1978      William Bate Hardy Prize of Cambridge Philosophical Society
1980 Ernst-Ruska prize for electron microscopy
1981 Member of EMBO
1982      Fellow of Darwin College, Cambridge
1983      Fellow of Royal Society
1991      Rosenstiel Award
1993  Louis Jeantet Award
1998      Foreign Associate, US National Academy of Sciences
1998      Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, London
1999      Gregori Aminoff prize for Crystallography from Royal Swedish Academy (w. Nigel Unwin)
2003      Hon. Fellow Corpus Christi College Cambridge
2003      Hon. Member British Biophysical Society
2005 Microscopy Society of America, Distinguished Scientist Award (Biol. Sci.) & Hon. Memb.
2008 Hon. D. Sc. Edinburgh University
2009      Fellow, Microscopy Society of America
2016 Alexander Hollaender Award for Biophysics, US NAS
2016 Copley Medal, Royal Society
2016 Kaj Linderstrom-Lang Prize and Medal
2017      Gjonnes medal in electron crystallography, International Union of Crystallography
2017 Wiley prize in Biomedical Sciences, Wiley Foundation and Rockefeller University
2017 Hon. Doctorate ETH, Zurich
2017 Nobel Prize for Chemistry, shared with Jacques Dubochet & Joachim Frank
2017      Hon. Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry
2018 Seaborg medal, UCLA
2018 International Federation of Societies for Microscopy, Eduard Kellenberger Medal for 2018
1966-1970 Structure and mechanism of α-chymotrypsin
1970-1973 Nerve and muscle membranes and the interaction of sodium channels with tetrodotoxin and saxitoxin
1973-2001 Structure of bacteriorhodopsin in purple membrane
1976-1982 Structure of mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase
1982-1986 Structure of tubulin from eukaryotic cells
1985-1990 Other membrane proteins:  lactose permease from E. coli;  ADP:ATP translocase from mitochondria;  neurotransmitter transporters
1989-         Seven helix G-protein-coupled membrane receptors
1996- Electron cryomicroscopy of macromolecular complexes
2010- Human voltage-gated sodium channels


Henry & Camille Dreyfus Foundation Lecturer at Cornell University
1983      11th FEBS Ferdinand Springer Lecturer
1984      Sir Hans Krebs Lecture at 16th FEBS Meeting, Moscow
1990      Howard Hughes Lecturer at Yale
1991      Merck Distinguished Lecturer at Brandeis
1993      Miller Visiting Professor at Berkeley
1995      Jesse Beams Lecture at University of Virginia, Charlottesville
1997      Boehringer Ingelheim Lecture at Mainz
1998      XXVth Linus Pauling Lecture at Stanford
1998      Dunham Lectures at Harvard
1998      Parkville Protein Lecture at Melbourne
2008 Darwin Trust Lecture at Edinburgh University
2008 Princesses' Lecture at VCCRI, Sydney
2014 Paul Sigler Lecture at Yale
2016 Verna & Marrs McLean Lecture at Baylor
2016 Murnau Lecture of German Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (GBM)
2016 Aser Rothstein Lecture, Toronto SickKids
2017 Rodney Porter Memorial Lecture, Oxford Department of Biochemistry
2017 Ernest C. Pollard Lecture at Penn State