Richard Henderson

Publications from 1967-2018

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Ewald sphere correction using a single side-band image processing algorithm.

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Microscopic charge fluctuations cause minimal contrast loss in cryoEM.

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Charge accumulation in electron cryomicroscopy.

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An adventure with Don.

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Cryo-EM: A River.

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Direct Electron Detectors.

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Single particle electron cryomicroscopy: trends, issues and future perspective.

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CryoEM at IUCrJ: a new era.

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Chapter Two – Progress and Development of direct Detectors for Electron Cryomicroscopy.

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Outcome of the First wwPDB Hybrid / Integrative Methods Task Force Workshop.

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MRC2014: Extensions to the MRC format header for electron cryo-microscopy and tomography.

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Overview and future of single particle electron cryomicroscopy.

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Benchmarking the stability of human detergent-solubilised voltage-gated sodium channels for structural studies using eel as a reference.

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Ultramicroscopy 158, 26-32 (2015).
Thon rings from amorphous ice and implications for beam-induced Brownian motion in single particle electron cryo-microscopy.

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Comparison of optimal performance at 300 keV of three direct electron detectors for use in low dose electron microscopy.

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Recent Developments in Direct Electron Detectors for Electron Cryo-Microscopy.

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Structure 22, 621-627 (2014).
Molecular mechanism of antibody-mediated activation of β-galactosidase.

Henderson, R. 
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News & Views: Ion channel seen by electron microscopy.

Henderson, R. 
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Avoiding the pitfalls of single particle cryoEM: Einstein from noise.

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High-resolution noise substitution to measure overfitting and validate resolution in 3D structure determination by single particle electron cryomicroscopy.

Henderson, R. & McMullan, G.
Microscopy (Tokyo) 62, 43-50 (2013).
Problems in obtaining perfect images by single particle electron cryomicroscopy of biological structures in amorphous ice.

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Data management challenges in three-dimensional EM.

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Beam-induced motion of vitrified specimen on holey carbon film.

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Outcome of the first electron microscopy validation task force meeting.

Baker, T.S. & Henderson, R. (published 27 January 2012)
In:  International Tables for Crystallography, Vol. F (second edition), "Crystallography of Biological Macromolecules",  (Ed. Rossmann, M.G. & Arnold, E.).  Wiley. 
Electron cryomicroscopy of biological macromolecules.

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Tilt-pair analysis of images from a range of different specimens in single particle electron cryomicroscopy.

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A high frame rate, 16 million pixels, radiation hard CMOS sensor.

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Images of paraffin monolayer crystals with perfect contrast: Minimization of beam-induced specimen motion.

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Structure of rhomboid protease in a lipid environment.

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The structural basis for catalysis and substrate specificity of a rhomboid protease.

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Structures of Membrane Proteins.

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David Mervyn Blow : 27 June 1931 - 8 June 2004.

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Enhanced Imaging in Low Dose Electron Microscopy Using Electron Counting.

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Experimental observation of the improvement in MTF from backthinning a CMOS direct electron detector.

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Detective quantum efficiency of electron area detectors.

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Structure of a β1-adrenergic G-protein-coupled receptor.

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Electronic detectors for electron microscopy.

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Electron imaging with Medipix2 hybrid pixel detector.

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Digitisation of electron microscope films: six useful tests applied to three film scanners

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Radiation damage studies on STAR250 CMOS sensor at 300 keV for electron microscopy.

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CMOS monolithic active pixel sensors (MAPS): New ‘eyes’ for science.

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CMOS active pixel sensors for ionizing radiation.

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Direct single electron detection with a CMOS detector or for electron microscopy.

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Noiseless direct detection of electrons in Medipix 2 for electron microscopy.

Henderson, R. 
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David Blow, 1931- 2004.

Henderson, R.
The Independent (UK national newspaper) 23 June, 2004, Obituary pages.
Professor David Blow:  Pioneer of protein crystallography at Cambridge, and Imperial College, London.

Henderson, R
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Realizing the potential of electron cryo-microscopy.

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Structure of the mitochondrial ATP synthase by electron cryomicroscopy.

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Optimal determination of particle orientation, absolute hand, and contrast loss in single particle electron cryomicroscopy. 
With an Appendix:  Rosenthal, P.B., Crowther, R.A. & Henderson, R. 
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An objective criterion for resolution assessment in single-particle electron microscopy.

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In:  Excellence in Science; April 2003, Royal Society Newsletter, p.10.
Half-time in a century of molecular biology.

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Evaluation of a hybrid pixel detector for electron microscopy.

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Excitement over X-ray lasers is excessive – Structural biology is a rich field in which existing techniques are providing many advances.

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From structure to mechanism:  electron crystallographic studies of bacteriorhodopsin.

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Domain movements of plasma membrane H+-ATPase:  3D structures of two states by electron cryo-miocroscopy.

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Structure 10, 455-458 (2002).
Max Perutz (1914-2002):  Great Scientist and Modest Leader.

Henderson, R.
Cell 109, 13-16 (2002).
Max Perutz (1914-2002):  Great Scientist and Modest Leader.

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Proton translocation by bacteriorhodopsin in the absence of substantial conformational changes.

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Molecular architecture and mechanism of an icosahedral pyruvate dehydrogenase complex:  a multifunctional catalytic machine.

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Paul Sigler:  A structural biologist with passion (obituary).

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Molecular mechanism for vectorial proton translocation by bacteriorhodopsin.

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Cooled CCD detector with tapered fibre optics for recording electron diffraction patterns.

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Three-dimensional structure of bovine NADH:Ubiquinone Oxidoreductase (Complex I) at 22Å in ice.

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on "The Limits of Reductionism in Biology".  Ed. Jamie Goode.
Macromolecular structure and self-assembly.

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Structure of the bacteriorhodopsin D85N/D96N double mutant showing substantial structural changes and a highly twinned, disordered lattice.

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Time-resolved electron diffraction and microscopy studies of membrane proteins.

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The coming of age of biological electron microscopy.  
Book Review of "Three-dimensional electron microscopy of macromolecular assemblies"  by Joachim Frank, Academic Press, 1996.

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Comparison of calculated and observed dynamical diffraction from purple membrane:  implications.

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Analysis of sensitivity of cold stages on Philips CM12 to sources of vibration.

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