Jan Löwe's CV 2020: (see also Wikipedia entry)
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1986-1992 degree in chemistry, University of Hamburg

1992-1996 PhD at the Max-Planck Institute for Biochemistry, Martinsried with Robert Huber. Projects: proteasome (Thermoplasma, yeast) and thermosome

1996-1998 EMBO long-term fellowship MRC-LMB Cambridge with Linda Amos. Project: crystal structure of FtsZ

1998-2002: tenure-track group leader at the MRC-LMB Cambridge

2001: EMBO Young Investigator

2002-: tenured group leader at the MRC-LMB Cambridge

2004: elected EMBO member

2007: awarded EMBO Gold Medal

2008: Fellow of the Royal Society (London)

2010-2018: Joint Head of Structural Studies Division, MRC-LMB

2011: Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator Award

2012: Fellow at Darwin College, Cambridge

2013: Fellow of Leopoldina (German National Academy)

2018-: Director, MRC-LMB

2018: Honorary Professor, Cambridge University
Current memberships:

Darwin College (Cambridge), Fellow
Cambridge Biomedical Campus Ltd, Board of Directors
Max Perutz Fund (LMB Charity), Chairman of the Board
EMBL (Heidelberg, Germany), Scientific Advisory Board
Electrifying Life Sciences (Rosalind Franklin Institute, Harwell, collaboration), Scientific Advisory Board
Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology (Dortmund, Germany), Scientific Advisory Board (Fachbeirat)