Microscopes4Schools School Visits

Microscopes4Schools is a hands-on science outreach activity for primary school children organised and run by volunteer scientists from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology.

In each Microscopes4Schools school visit, children first listen to a short interactive talk about cells and microscopy, followed by a practical hands-on session where they use high quality educational microscopes to look at different biological samples such as banana cells, mouth cheek cells, yogurt bacteria, living water fleas amongst others.

The aims of Microscope4Schools are:

  1. to enthuse children about science, and in particular cell biology, by giving them the opportunity to use microscopes to look at different types of cells and microorganisms;
  2. to encourage teachers to perform similar activities in the classroom, by providing them with information on cell biology and microscopy.

Few children will have access to microscopes until sixth form, and some will never use one throughout their entire lives. Seeing the microscopic world is a great way of creating a long lasting interest in science; it sparks children's curiosity and it turns the abstract knowledge from books into something tangible, exciting and fun. This outreach activity provides a great experience for the children and a unique opportunity for the teachers to learn new ways of inspiring their students about science.

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Quotes from the pupils: