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Structural comparisons within BAR families

So far there are 3 families within the BAR superfamily of membrane bending modules. The BAR family can be further subdivided according to the modular attachments (see below).

Bar Superfamily tree
F-BAR comparisons

Overlays of F-BAR structures FBP17 is purple, FCH02 is grey, CIP4 is green

F-BAR superpose
F-BAR superpose

FBP17 is purple
FCH02 is grey
CIP4 is green

see Movie

FBP17/CIP4 structure paper (Shimada et al May 2007)
FCH02 structure paper (Henne et al May 2007) (pdf)

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BAR/N-BAR comparisons

Overlays of BAR structures Appl BAR+PH is light green Arfaptin BAR is red, Amphiphysin BAR is blue, Endophilin BAR is yellow, Snx9 PX+BAR is Magenta

BAR comparisons image
APPLBAR+PH Arfaptin BAR Concave Surface Amphiphysin Concave surface
Endophilin BAR Concave Surface SNX9 PX+BAR Concave Surface see Movie

APPL (light green) and Arfaptin (red)

Angle of dimerization in APPL/Arfaptin is similar and more acute than those of Endophilin/Amphiphysin and of the even more shallow angle of Sorting Nexin 9


Arfaptin (red) and Amphiphysin (blue)

APPL has the tightest concave curvature followed by arfaptin and then by Amphiphysin/Endophilin and then by Sorting Nexin 9


Amphiphysin (blue) and Endophilin (yellow)

Amphiphysin + endophilin

Endophilin (yellow) and Sorting Nexin 9 (magenta)

Endophilin + Sorting Nexin9

APPL (light green) and Amphiphysin (blue)


Link to BAR module description

I-BAR comparisons

Comparisons and Overlays of I-BAR structures IRSp53 I-BAR is blue and MIM I-BAR is yellow. These are compared to Snx9 BAR (in Magenta), showing that the membrane binding interface is the same. While in the BAR domains this inferface is concave, in the I-BARs it is convex.

IRSp53 Montage
IRSp53 Montage
IRSp53 montage3

Link to I-BAR module description

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