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Structure and pdb gallery

This is a resource page where you can get still images of BAR, F-BAR and I-BAR modules. Click on the links below to get higher resolution images or movies. We also provide the dimer pdb files as is it sometimes difficult to get the biological dimer pbd coordinate files.

BAR Superfamily member

Still image gallery: click on image for higher resolution


FCHo2 F-BAR dimer pdb file

FCHo2 Still image

FCHo2 F-BAR movie

FBP17 F-BAR dimer pdb file

FBP17 Still image

FBP17 F-BAR movie

CIP4 F-BAR dimer pdb file

CIP4 Still image

CIP4 F-BAR movie

Amphiphysin BAR dimer pdb file (dimer+hydrogens)

Amph BAR dimer Still image

Amph BAR movie

Endophilin BAR dimer pdb file

Endophilin BAR Still image

Endophilin BAR movie

Arfaptin BAR dimer pdb file

Arfaptin BAR Still image

Arfaptin BAR movie

Sorting Nexin9 PX+BAR dimer pdb file

Snx9 BAR+PX Still image

Sorting Nexin 9 PX+BAR movie

APPL BAR+PH dimer pdb file

APPL BAR+PH Still image


IRSp53 I-BAR dimer pdb file

IRSp53 I-BAR Still image

IRSp53 I-BAR movie

MIM I-BAR dimer pdb file

MIM I-BAR Still image

MIM I-BAR movie

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