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FCHo1 versus FCHo2, F-BAR domains
FCHo1versus2 FCHo1versus2

Mapping of sequences differences in FCH01 versus FCH02 F-BAR domain. Click on images for higher resolution version.

Residues in green are altered in the FCHo1 sequence compared to FCHo2. Residues in red have become acidic and residues in blue have become basic. The charge changes have not occured on the membrane binding or the dimerisation interfaces. The dimerisation interface does not appear to be any more conserved than other surfaces (apart from the absence of charge changes) which one might expect if there was heterodimerisation. However we are not able to make strong statements about this issue.

FCHo1versus2 Alignment

Surface electrostatic potential of FCHo2 showing a concentration of positively charged residues on the concave surface. These are not altered in FCHo1.

Link to paper describing the structure of FCHo2 F-BAR domain by Henne et al Structure 2007, 15, 839-852. doi:10.1016/j.str.2007.05.002

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