Simon Elsaesser

Congratulations to Simon Elsaesser who has started his new lab in the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden. We wish him good luck for the future.

Vaclav Beranek

We welcome Vaclav Beranek to the lab from Georgia Tech. Vaclav is a new PhD student.

Stephen Fried

We welcome Stephen Fried from the Boxer lab at Stanford. Congratulations to Stephen on obtaining a fellowship from Kings College, Cambridge.

Julius Fredens

We welcome Julius Fredens from the Faergeman lab at the University of Southern Denmark. Congratulations also to Julius on obtaining a fellowship from the Danish Council for Independent Research.

Gene Kym

We welcome Gene Kym to the lab. Gene joins us from the Mayo lab at Caltech.


August 26 2014 Technology developed by Satpal Virdee (former postdoc) and Jason Chin for making ubiquitinated proteins is licensed by Boston Biochem. See the full story here.

Sebastian Greiss lab

Congratulations to Sebastian Greiss for starting his research laboratory at the University of Edinburgh and we wish him good luck as an independent group leader.

Kathrin Lang lab

We congratulate Kathrin Lang on starting her research laboratory at Technische Universit√§t M√ľnchen and wish her good luck for her future endeavours.

Welcome to Sebastian Essig

We gladly welcome Sebastian Essig to the group and congratulate him on receiving a DFG Research Fellowship.