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The LMB is responsible for many pioneering techniques, such as methods for determining the three-dimensional structures of proteins and other macromolecules, the sequencing of DNA and the development of monoclonal antibodies.

Our scientists tackle difficult, long-term research problems. At the same time they are encouraged to exploit their discoveries – through patents, licensing and business start-ups – helping to advance medical research and improve the UK’s economic competitiveness.

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Shedding light on how mRNA molecules navigate to their destination within the cell


Harish Chandra Soundararajan and Simon Bullock from the LMB’s Cell Biology Division have created a new technique for studying how dynein motors move individual mRNA molecules along microtubules, which has provided unique insights into cellular transport systems. In order for a cell to function, its constituents have to be sorted to different locations. In many []

Breakthrough in structural biology reveals mitochondrial ribosome structure


The bringing together of several independent lines of research by members of the LMB’s Structural Studies Division has led to the determination of the atomic structure of the yeast mitochondrial ribosome.  The work took advantage of recent developments in electron microscopy (EM), brought about by a decade of work at the LMB to develop better []

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