Research Groups

group leaders with students
Scientists are drawn to the LMB from all over the world, helping to create a lively and international community for the exchange of ideas and technical innovation.

Within the LMB’s four Divisions – Cell Biology, Neurobiology, Protein and Nucleic Acid Chemistry and Structural Studies – there are around 50 group leaders, each responsible for a group of researchers.

Most groups in the Laboratory are small, with group leaders managing only four to eight people. These small groups help to maintain the dynamism and flexibility of research at the LMB and encourage close interactions – within groups, Divisions and throughout the Laboratory.

Explore the individual group leader pages for more information about their current research projects.

Emeritus Scientists

The LMB is also home to a number of Emeritus Scientists – outstanding scientists who are pursuing their research interests in the Laboratory after their formal retirement. Many of these scientists have worked for the LMB for a substantial part of their scientific careers and they bring an invaluable source of guidance and experience to their younger colleagues.

Explore the Emeritus page for a listing of the scientists and information on their research projects.