The LMB’s longstanding record of excellence and innovation has largely been achieved by a strategy of attracting and retaining outstanding scientists. Whilst working at the Laboratory they have the freedom and resources to pursue the opportunities they recognise as being fundamentally important to their area of molecular science.

Over the last 50 years the LMB’s researchers have made countless discoveries that have had tangible benefits for the health of millions of people in the UK and worldwide, from the sequencing of DNA to the development of humanised monoclonal antibodies that are now used to treat a range of chronic diseases.

LMB scientists have generated over £700 million through technology transfer – providing valuable additional income to help support UK science.

The importance of the LMB’s work has also been recognised in Twelve Nobel prizes, dozens of Royal Society awards and numerous other scientific honours.

In addition the LMB supports the wider scientific community by supplying highly trained leaders in academic research. They leave the LMB to develop and support molecular science in the UK and around the world.

Therapeutic antibodies and the LMB

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Electron cryo-microscopy at the LMB

Find out about some of the LMB scientists who have been pioneering developments in the field of electron cryo-microscopy, allowing visualisation of biological molecules at the atomic level.