Scientific Facilities & Support Services

Mass Spectrometry

One of the cornerstones of LMB science is the provision of excellent facilities and support services which are freely available to all members of the Laboratory, from PhD students to group leaders.

We have a range of outstanding scientific facilities, from world class electron microscopy, crystallisation and nuclear magnetic resonance facilities to biological services, mass spectrometry, scientific computing and more. All of our scientific facilities are led and staffed by scientists with the expertise and organisational experience needed to carry out large-scale projects and to aid collaborative research across the LMB’s Divisions. They ensure that LMB researchers have access to the highest quality scientific technologies right here on site. See the links on the left for the full list of scientific facilities and more information on how they contribute to the work of LMB scientists.

The LMB’s scientists also benefit from access to what are probably the finest workshops in any UK laboratory. In practical terms, having an electronics and technical workshop on site means that design, prototyping and development happen far faster at the LMB than in most other laboratories, which rely on outside contractors.

We also have a range of outstanding support services, including high quality IT support, an expert library and information service, experienced creative help from the visual aids team and practical support from stores and purchasing.

All of this ensures that scientists spend their time doing what they do best, with the right facilities and expert help immediately to hand.