Electron Microscopy


The LMB has an outstanding Electron Microscopy (EM) facility, the focus being on electron cryomicroscopy (cryoEM) of unstained biological material. The LMB has eight EMs available, including three 120 kV TEMs, a 200kV FEG for screening and STEM tomography and three 300kV FEG instruments for high-resolution single-particle and cryo-tomography data collection. Equipment for high pressure freezing and cryo-microtomy is also available, allowing cryoelectron-tomographic analysis of vitreous sections. In addition a dual beam FIB-SEM equipped with cryo-transfer is available for preparation of lamella for cryo-tomography.

The facility is primarily intended for hands-on research by students, postdocs and group leaders, who prepare specimens, operate the EMs and analyse the resulting images or diffraction patterns themselves.

Future plans include implementing technical developments that can improve the quality of cryoEM structures.

In addition to the in-house equipment, members of the LMB are part of the international electron microscopy community and have access to additional equipment in other laboratories around the world, on a reciprocal basis.

The Electron Microscopy facility is managed by Shaoxia Chen assisted by Giuseppe Cannone.

The LMB runs a regular Electron Cryo-microscopy Course and further details can be found on the Scientific Training pages.