Biophysics Lectures

The 2019 Introduction to Biophysical Techniques lecture series is pitched towards research students with no prior knowledge of the techniques.

Below you can find the slides of the recent lectures:

Technique Speaker Download Talks
Introduction to Light Microscopy Nick Barry Slides (pdf) [16.0 MB]
Image Analysis Tools Jérôme Boulanger Slides (pdf) [8.3 MB]
Fluorescent Labeling, FRET and Light Sheet Microscopy Ben Sutcliffe Slides (pdf) [16.6 MB]
Super-resolution Microscopy Jonathan Howe Slides (pdf) [22.5 MB]
Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Microscale Thermophoresis Stephen McLaughlin Slides (pdf) [18.8 MB]
Single Molecule Spectroscopy Chris Johnson Slides (pdf) [14.3 MB]
Introduction to Biomolecular NMR Trevor Rutherford Slides (pdf) [47.9 MB]
Advanced NMR applications Jane Wagstaff Slides (pdf) [36.8 MB]
Biomolecular Thermodynamics and Calorimetry (ITC) Chris Johnson Slides (pdf) [2.1 MB]
Biosensor Technologies (Biacore SPR, Switchsense, Octet) Stephen McLaughlin Slides (pdf) [3.9 MB]
Light Scattering Techniques Chris Johnson Slides (pdf) [4.4 MB]
Flow Cytometry Maria Daly Slides (pdf) [13.4 MB]
Analytical Ultracentrifugation (AUC) Stephen McLaughlin Slides (pdf) [26.4 MB]
Curve fitting, Errors and Analysis of Binding Data Chris Johnson and Stephen McLaughlin Slides (pdf) [14.7 MB]
Bioinformatics Balaji Santhanam Slides (pdf) [2.6 MB]
Mass Spectrometry Mark Skehel
Hydrogen–deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry Glenn Masson