Support services

IT Support

IT Support provides hardware and software configuration and an extensive and speedy repair service for Apple and Windows computers. The department also deals with network installation and management and offers general computer advice, providing support for the computer systems you need to produce the best science.

Library and Information Service

The Library and Information Service provides a quiet haven for study, and access to 2000 online journals, 100 print journals and 4000 books. The Library runs regular induction sessions to provide training on using the Library’s online catalogues, databases and full-text digital resources.

Media and Glasswash Services

The LMB’s media and glasswash kitchens provide clean sterile glassware, along with a range of stock and bespoke growth media, buffers and agar plates. In addition, the kitchens supply fly food and a fly subculturing service. A sterilisation service is also available.

Staff Restaurant

The Staff Restaurant (located on the top floor, and therefore one of the highest points in East Anglia) serves a wide range of food and drinks at coffee, lunch and tea breaks. It also provides, throughout the day, the one essential reagent for all science — coffee!

Stores and Purchasing

The LMB Stores are renowned for their range of reagents, enzymes and consumables, as well as small equipment. Items not available from Stores can be ordered online with the minimum of delay and fuss, and are receipted and checked by Stores before being delivered to the recipient.

Visual Aids

The creative and experienced professionals in Visual Aids provide a comprehensive graphic and photographic service. They offer guidance on all aspects of media production, including photographic recording, web page design and implementation, computer graphics and print design, 3D modelling and animation, video filming and editing, poster production, and scientific illustration.