Useful Contacts

Deputy Director
Chief Operating Officermoreton_kevin

Cell Biology Division

Head of Division
Sean Munro
Divisional Administrator

Neurobiology Division

Head of Division
Michael Hastings
Divisional Administrator

Protein & Nucleic Acid Chemistry Division

Joint Heads of Division
Mariann Bienz & Andrew McKenzie
Divisional Administrator

Structural Studies Division

Joint Heads of Division
Jan Löwe & David Barford
Divisional Administrator

Centre for Chemical and Synthetic Biology

Head of CCSB
Jason Chin
CCSB Administrator

Postgraduate Office

Director of Studies
Cristina Rada
Postgraduate Administrator

Support Services

Webmaster / Postmaster / IT Support
Capital Development Projects
Human Resources
Scientific Operations
Lab Services & Procurement
Estates & Facilities
Health & Safety
News & Public Engagement
Seminars and Events

Scientific Facilities

MRC Head Office

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